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A Magician's Secrets to Confidence

Standing in the Spotlight on the Grand Stage of Life

Eric Tyree is a stage magician, minister, and motivational speaker living in the Nashville, TN area. Eric is dedicated to helping young people realize the amazing qualities they have and to live boldly without the weight of regrets. His new book parallels seven magic effects with the lessons we can learn about confidence.

Eric struggled with low self-esteem and bullying in school. Confidence always seemed to be hard to grasp. As a Christian, Eric believes that God-backed confidence is the key to walking an unshakeable life. In this book Eric reveals his "trade secrets" to building more confidence! Secrets that are not found in a magic book, but rather in the pages of the Bible.

Reader Testimonial

"This book is a powerful tool for those grappling with self-doubt, providing actionable steps and inspirational insights. I trust that it will be for you what it was for me as I read... a beacon of hope, encouraging you to embrace your true identity in Christ in a world that often demands conformity. Whether for personal growth or professional development, "A Magician's Secrets to Confidence" is a compelling journey out of insecurity and into true confidence."

Pastor Patrick Nix, Springfield, TN