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Eric Tyree

...a smash hit with everyone,

"Eric Tyree was GREAT!.  He was a smash hit with everyone, from the jaded skeptics to the youngest admirer.  He had the kids mesmerized!  As Eric got into his magic show, he had everyone’s undivided attention!  This year's entertainment was definitely one of the best. Eric's magic show will be a hard act to follow!"

Alan Salhany   Lawrenceburg, TN

"Eric was a true delight to kick off our Festival.  If you are looking for a great magician, look no further than Eric Tyree!"
Joe Hobbs   Chairman of On The Go Festival
Eric Tyree
He's fantastic...

"Eric is 'the man!'  He is an exceptional performer with a vibrant stage presence. He's done several events for our church and school and, at each one, he has had no trouble holding the attention of his audience.  He keeps us intrigued and laughing...all the while taking advantage of every teachable moment. He is fantastic with both adults and kids. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending him to your organization or ministry's event (except that if his schedule fills up too much, then I'll have a much harder time booking him again)."

Patrick Nix   The Church at Grace Park, White House, TN
...all those smiles made our night!
"Eric, I wanted to thank you again for the great job!  All those smiles made our night. You really are the best magician we've ever seen!"
Lynette Dimeola   President of TN Society of Associations 
...very funny...
"He did an amazing job.  He was not only skilled in his tricks, but he was very funny as well.  He put on an excellent show, and I would hire him again without hesitation."
Alisha Moody  Baptist Association of Dyersburg
...amazed and laughing to tears.
"Sooo much fun and the entertainment was off the chart!  My husband laughed himself silly!  Eric's performance was over the top. There was not a person in the crowd that was not amazed and laughing to tears... omgosh it was awesome!"
Joyce Stark   Executive Director of Raise The Praise 

From Casual to Elegant
Memorable Moments that Keep Onlookers Mesmerized

Fill the House With

Quality - Eric dresses, acts and performs his magic show on a professional level.  Your event will look more professional and you will look like a hero for hiring a competent and amazing performer.

Skill - As a magician who has mastered his art, Eric can focus on delivering massive entertainment value to your audience. 

Experience - Eric has over 20 years of stage performance history.  Working in every imaginable setting, he's got the know-how to make the highlight of your event successful.
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